Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nfu Oh Nail Polish Swatch - #39

Hello Ladies~

Today we are posting a swatch pic of Nfu Oh #39 and the color combo with Nfu Oh #561.

Nfu Oh #39 is a clear base with flakies, with different base color, it can create a completely unique style that will surprise you every time. We hope you'll like it~ <3

Nfu Oh #39

Nfu Oh #561 + #39

If you are interested to see any Nfu Oh Color Swatch. Please feel free to email us at Sales@FabulouStreet.com.

We will post them up as soon as possible for you.

Thank you very much once again for your continuous supports.

Have a Fabulous day~~


  1. I have this one, and it is absolutely stunning. I love it best layered over black.