Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NEW!! Nfu Oh Gelist - Jelly Syrup #JG01 to #JG48

Hello Ladies~

We are happy to announce some of the Nfu Oh Gelist-Jelly Syrup colors are available on our website now. Please feel free to visit our website at

If we do not have the colors you are interested in, please kindly send us an email at

Here are the pics of the colors offer in Nfu Oh Gelist - Jelly Syrup Series:

Nfu Oh #JG01, JG02 & JG03

Nfu Oh #JG04, JG05 & JG06

Nfu Oh #JG07, JG08 & JG09

Nfu Oh #JG10, JG11 & JG12

Nfu Oh #JG13, JG14 & JG15

Nfu Oh #JG16, JG17 & JG18

Nfu Oh #JG19, JG20 & JG21

Nfu Oh #JG22, JG23 & JG24

Nfu Oh #JG25, JG26 & JG27

Nfu Oh #JG28, JG29 & JG30

Nfu Oh #JG31, JG32 & JG33

Nfu Oh #JG34, JG35 & JG36

Nfu Oh #JG37, JG38 & JG39

Nfu Oh #JG40, JG41 & JG42

Nfu Oh #JG43, JG44 & JG45

Nfu Oh #JG46, JG47 & JG48
We hope you'll like it~ <3

Have a Fabulous day!

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