Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nfu Oh Holo 61 is back =)

Nfu Oh Holo 61 are now back in stock

We understand that few customers asked us about the new batch of Number 61.  They does not seems to be as holographic as the previous batch.  The actual swatch is completely different than just looking at the bottles ^_^.

With this new batch of Nfu Oh #61, we have did a swatch under Sunlight and room light. Please feel free to check them out =)

Thank you very much once again for everyone supports.

Nfu Oh #61 Swatch
Steps how below swatch was applied.:
1.) Apply Nfu Oh Aqua Base coat, wait for it to dry.
2.) Apply one coat of #61. wait for it to dry.
3.) Apply another coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base, wait for it to dry.
4.) Apply one more coat of #61.
*** No top coat apply on this swatch***

Sunlight Swatch
 Sunlight Swatch
 Room Light Swatch.
 Roomlight Swatch Part 2