Friday, September 16, 2011

New Video Post (Nfu Oh #61)

Hello Everyone

It has been a while since we update anything.  Just figure out how to post video from youtube…. ^_^ .. ( I guess I am about few years behind on technologies , lol ) And please… please don’t judge my video capture / editing skills , I know I will have a long way to go for a good video =)

I find this very helpful and fun to show customer our products comparing the traditional way of taking pictures.  As many of you might know, sometimes, it is very hard to capture a perfect picture of a color or nail arts.  So I figure using a video shoot might help on showing everyone colors / nail arts or anything that we come up in our mind =D.   Oh ! and we will try to post some instruction to help customers as well, hoping it will help.

We will slowly but surely start posting little video clips of nail colors. Especially ones with special effects.  If you want to see a specific color in “action” , please feel free to shoot us an email.  We will put the requested colors in priority.

In the beginning, I will start posting up some Holographic polishes since they are one of the hardest to have photo shoots =D. 

Details of the application in the video:

From left to right:

1st & 2nd - 3 layers of Aqua Base & Nfu Oh #61  (Written as “3 AB” in the video)
3rd & 4th - 3 coats of Nfu Oh #61 without Aqua Base (Not Recommended) (Written as “No AB” in the video)
5th - 1 bumpy layer of Aqua Base & Nfu Oh #61 (Not Recommended) (Written as “1 AB” in the video)

As you can see in the video, the Holographic effect on 1st & 2nd are stronger compare to 3rd, 4th & 5th.
On the 5th one, compare to number 1-4 the holographic doesn't show much even with the Aqua Base on, this proves if the nail polish did not apply smoothly, holographic effect will diminish.

We also recorded the Holographic under 3 different lighting conditions to show how the holographic looks under different lighting, we can see that more holographic effect under a brighter & concentrate room light but we were still able to see Holographic under a dimmer room light.

Stay Tune ~~~ Next to come .. Sunlight! (We also wanted to record the Swatch under direct sunlight but unfortunately, the sun is playing hide & seek with us, we will add a video clip of the same color wheel under direct sunlight once the sun comes out. Please stay tuned. Thanks~)

Enjoy ~ ^_^


  1. These types of videos are very helpful, not many businesses realize how much so! Thanks for uploading.