Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FabulouStreet.com Promotion (09/20/11 Until 09/28/11)

Promotion during 09/20/11 Until 09/28/11

Promotion Number 1:

Get one FREE bottle of Nfu Oh Perfum Hand & Body Lotion (1oz, value at $6.00) on every $50.00 purchases.

We will give our random scent of 1oz Nfu Oh Perfum Hand & Body Lotion when your order reaches $50.00.  If you have a particular scent interested in , please add that on "remark" box. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

Choice of Lotion Link: Click here Nfu Oh Lotions

Promotion Number 2: Professional users.

Get a Free 24g Polymer Value at $15.00 (List below) on every Nfu Oh Color Acrylic Single Kit purchase.

Perfect Clear
Perfect Pink
Perfect Natural
Perfect White
Speed Clear
Speed White
Speed Pink

Pleaser add in the Polymer you would like on the remark box and we will ship them with your Acrylic Kit order.

****** Offer ends 09/28/11 ***** Supplies are limited. ******Both Promotion cannot be combine****** Please contact us if you have any question ******

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