Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nfu Oh Number 61 Holo. (With / Without Aqua Base)

Many customers ask us how the Nfu Oh Aqua Base coat has effect on the Nfu Oh Holographic Polishes.  So we have decided to post up a comparison on Nfu Oh Number 61 with and without Aqua Base Coat applied.

After finishing the swatch, we've tried to take many pictures. but the holographic colors are the kind of color which is very hard to compare in pictures.  If you see with your own eyes, you will be able to tell the difference. The One without Aqua base are more dull then the one with Aqua Base.

Also, as you can see on above pictures.  You will see the "reflection" length of the holo is longer on the one with Aqua base then the one without.

In order for best results , we suggest customers to wait for the aqua base to dry first before applying the Holographic polish.

You do not need to apply Top coat because top coat will take away the Holographic effects.


  1. This color is gorgeous, but been out of stock on Fabulous Street for a few weeks. Any idea when it will be available again for purchase? I don't want to miss out on it!

  2. Thanks :)

    Please feel free to send us an email and we will add you in our back order list.

    Thanks again


  3. I would like this polish as well and will #63 come back?

  4. We are hoping they will be back by April. Please feel free to email us at Sales@FabulouStreet.com so that we can add you in our waiting list. Thanks again :)

  5. I ordered #63 and absolutely love it! Can't wait for #61 to come back :) I'm already on the waiting list. So excited!