Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nfu Oh GS07 + Nfu Oh 302 Combo

Very Simple combo for fun =)

You will need Nfu Oh #302, Nfu Oh GS-07, Nfu Oh Base Coat and Nfu Oh Top Coat.

1.) Apply Nfu Oh Base Coat.
2.) Apply Nfu Oh #302 ( 2 Coats )
3.) Apply Nfu Oh GS-07 ( 1 Coat )
4.) Apply Nfu Oh Top Coat.

Left to Right:
Nfu Oh Base Coat, Nfu Oh GS-07, Nfu Oh #302, Nfu Oh Top Coat
Nfu Oh #302 by itself

After GS-07 and Top Coat Applied. =)


  1. These swatches are making it hard for me to refrain from buying!

  2. awesome! Please help me! I would LOVE to get NFU here in the states, but the only site that sells them charges quite a bit too much. Please e-mail me
    lostinvast @ aol. com

    thanks! I'm a HUGE fan :)